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Same tea, but today with japanese equipment, and 1. time on my low table, which I finally set up for tea drinking. I also use it for drawing though, so that’s why it is not overfilled. I enjoy using the testubin, a cast iron teapot, the gaiwan, a wooden plate from the old Jugoslavia, a letter opener I have from my mother, and a wonderful red teacup…


And the teacup: drinking from a quite big sencha cup, dark red-brown pottery by Gregory Miller, who spent many years in Japan learning saltglazing a.o. I visited him and his two homemade kilns in Horne, northern Judland, quite a few years back now, after he gad had an exhibition at the japanese ambassys cukture center. The whole thing on a dark blue cloth from Japan.




And taking the 5th and 6th brew outside : )

Enjoy yours…


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Tea on the walk

A walk from the organic farmshop Aarstiderne in Humlebaeck and the 9 km home from there. Pictures from Humlebaeck churchyard and Strandvejen. I think it was a Darjilong Oolong, I had in my glass bottle – and even if it was that simple a setting, I thought the sunlight and colour of the tea was very nice : )

Best tea-and spring regards, Ulla


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I brought my small oolong teapot with me on a walk to Rungstedlund, Karen Blixens house and museum – but decided to settle in the harbour for my tea, since I could see the sun going down already – the harbour catching the last rays of sun, but the house and farden being in the shadow already. Temperatures: 4 degrees. Tea: Feng Wang Oolong. 20190105_15103220190105_15124020190105_15095820190105_151349

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Right now the rhododendrons are in full bloom at Nivaagaard Malerisamling in Nivaa, Northern Sealand. The flower picture I took a few weeks ago, though, was that of a magnolia… matching the bone china tea cups and gaiwan later…

thebloggen_IMG_12655_nivaagaardBringing my tea set, I was planning to find me a good place on a bench – but planning doesn´t always work out, and shouldn´t – the bench was in the shadow…

thebloggen_IMG_12657So, directly sitting on the grass and moss – even finer a place…


Bone china gaiwan (lidded tea bowl), matching cup, and pitcher  – the tea is Feng Wan, a highly oxidized oolong from eastern china.

As above, so below.. reflections of the pine trees above.

thebloggen_IMG_12672Enjoy Nivaagaard park, enjoy summer… and please – drink some tea. Best, Ulla

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Sprint time, an early warm spring this year, 2014, easter. I take some tea utensils outside to the park at Kokkedal Slot, north of Copenhagen, Denmark.


A tree trunk makes a bench to sit on, and a place to brew tea. The passing by people wonder what os going on – danes are not (yet) used to outdoor tea parties… ; ) Surrounded by big old park trees, green grass lawns, the small castle to the west – and a view of the sea and Sweden to the east.



Positioned this way, I suddenly wonder, it looks like a cross – well, it is easter, so why not…


The tea I brought, is a white tea, Xue Rong, meaning “white dune”, from Yunnan, China. It is handplucked and consists of young buds. The dry leaves look furry and quite white, but the wet ones turn green and straight, and fresh as if just plucked from the bush. Purchased at singtehus.dk.


Happy spring,


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