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Tea in London II

Visiting London to find the best chinese tea experience, Mei Leaf was the second I visited and definitivt also one of the best! Beautiful shop and cafe, Celine & Don so dedicated, enthusiastic & smiling, highest quality teas and tea utensils, excellent gong fu brewing experience!!



After Celine had showed me around, I had to choose a tea to drink. Difficult! Considering the Gaba Oolongs which had a huge amount of calming Gaba, and one of their raw puerhs, since their energies would clash if I had both, it ended being the last, “Monocle Boss”, or “Pasha 500 Year Old Gushu Raw 2016”. Gushu meaning from old trees. Celine was SO good explaining the taste and smell, feeling and energy to be expected!


Beautiful bamboo and copper tea table! The gong fu cha serving was complemented by a paper with tasting notes, which I tried to keep my eyes of in the beginning but ended up reading anyway.


I couldn’t not offer some tea to another guest sitting near me, being used to brew teas in the teashop and liking to share it – and we ended up having a nice tea-talk! Tea unites people, doesn’t it? : )

Mei Leaf Teahouse, 99 Camden High St, London NW1 7JN, UK. Reservations and orders: meileaf.com. Phone: +44 20 7388 6704. Check also facebook and youtube for Don’s video brewing guides and information!

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