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Chinese New Year 2018

Happy New Year out there – all the best, health, happiness and spiritual growth to you all. My drawing this “Year of the dig”, the 11. animal in the chinese zodiac. The dog here represents fx loyality. And my motiv is a blend of chinese, japanese and danish tradition – chosen from H.C. Andersens fairytale “The Tinderbox”, or “Fyrtøjet”. The story goes like this: a solder is asked by a witch to crawl through a whole in an old tree, down in the ‘underworld’ or mystic world of ‘un’consciousness. He there meets three dogs who safeguard three treasureboxes with money – cobber, silver and gold. Their eyes as big as teacups (!), millstones and even the Round Tower of Copenhagen. Courageously he lifts them down and gains the money. One thing he needs to bring the witch – a mystic tinderbox. Asking what us is for and not getting an answer, he cuts the witch’s head off – and then goes enjoying his money. But after that is gone, he has only the tinderbox left, uses it – and the dogs come to FULFILL his wishes. This includes the princess and ruling the country. Happy dramatic ending. Spiritual enlightenment told in beautiful pictures, and much more than just a funny story…

20180121_09473420180120_22293920180120_222957the last picture is from the library of Copenhagen, where a chinese girl was dancing so grace ful backstage, while the danish people were singing from the  “højskolesangbog”… culture meeting again.

Have a beautiful year!! Love, Ulla


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