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Happy New year over there in the East : ) Here is my usual drawing of the chinese zodiac. Black watercolour pencil an watercolour paper.

20170105_23032920170105_233759Happy New year over there in the East. I made my usual drawing of the chinese zodiac already at ‘our’ new year. Here it is!

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Teapot from Bornholm

What a long break at this blog. Shifting from working in a teashop to working in a health store gives a shift in focus : ) But I promised to send pictures of this little tea pot – who the nice and generous potter from Bornholm, Tommy Lindegren, gave me. I’m sitting and drinking tea from it right now… Another thing is that Tommy made this ceramic bowl in the first picture. It has the eight trigrams from the I Ching surrounding the opening, symbolizing the eight directions and elements like heven and earth, fire and water, thunder, mountains and lakes. So in a way it has the whole univers presented in there… A joy to look at every day. Thank you so much!!


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