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Sakura season 2016

We are drinking matcha these days… cherry trees are in Bloom in Copenhagen! This one is from Klampenborg Station. The tea bowl is from danish Jørgen Lund, inspired by an anscient tea bowl with a walking man on the front. The green tea and coconut (!) mochi is from the asian shop at Østerbrogade.


Remember Copenhagen Sakura Festival saturday april 30th & sunday may 1st – at the Copenhagen harbour, on the lawn just sout of the little mermaid. We are performing tea-ceremony there saturday 12.30 – 15.00!

All my best, Ulla

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The other day I was lucky to be given this shu pu erh tea called ‘Chen nian ju pu cha’ – wrapped in a dried clementine and paper. It was exiting to unpack, and looks so amazing. The taste is round, surprisingly light, soft, round. The colour of the liquid red, wit a touch of rosé… nice on a rainy day like today!

Enjoy your tea… Ulla


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Outdoor season 2016

Here we go. The travel tea set has been taken on a walk, which had rain and sunshine and ended with a double rainbow… the tea is a Raw Pu Erh from hojo.come, Da Xue Shan 2014.


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