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Oolong – Himalayan Bouquet, Tealure

These pictures were taken in february this year, sorry for the delay! I had a sample from Tealure´s “Himalayan Bouquet” – a dark oolong, described in the brochure as “sweetish, full of fragrance, with a fantastic lingering mouthfeel”.


The founder of danish tea company “Tealure” is Ernestas Klevas, who travels to and buys the tea directly at the plantations in eastern Nepal.  The beautiful brochure says: “Tealure is more than just a tea company – it is a brand focused on providing unique, limited varieties of tea while creating equitable relationships with our farmers and a positove impact on the environment.”


Before making the utensils ready for this tea sample, I had a sip of some leftovers from the same tea, brewed yesterday. Cold, but still good…

I will brew it in a gaiwan, a lidded cup, and in the chinese way, gong fu cha. (When using the western way, the suggested amount tea is: 1,5 tsp per cup, 90 degrees C, 3-4 min.)

The utensils, clockwise: New tea table, flowers: eranthis (winter aconite) in a pot (gift from a friend), sieve on a blue-white plate with fish design, white gaiwan, glass pitcher, white handmade swedish cup.


1. brew. It´s snowing outside. But the yellow spring flowers in a small pot close to the tea table promise spring… Brewing: 40 seconds, 90-100 degr C. Golden orange color. I wanted this stronger color, bringing the potential out of this about 70% oxidised tea. I like them strong, thats why I don´t brew these dark teas “touch´n´go”… Honey lightness & sweetness in the last sip.


2. brew. 30 seconds. Some maltiness in the smell of the lid.

(Drawing the flowers with a pencil, I had a strange thought: How does the water taste for the flowers, that they draw, or drink, from the earth? Do they enjoy, do they prefere?)

The fruitiness of the brew makes me want to eat, so I reach out for some pieces of organic dark chocolate…

And get absorbed in a book that has long been waiting to be read: “The Great Tea Rooms of America” by Bruce Richardson. I had already enjoyed his book about tearooms in Great Britain. I read… and read… and suddenly, when looking up for a moment, something surprising happens: time and space merges, “time stands still” – the tea set in front of me, the snow falling outside, and the book, I was absorbed in, in my lap.

Happy candlemas (kyndelmisse), tomorrow – february 2nd …”


So far my handwritten notes on that day. What tea can do…

Best thoughts to you,
from Ulla


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