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Special for last years tea impressions was also the purchasing of the non-pressed pu erh tea from Hojo. Mao-cha = loose tea leaves without compression into a cake. Very special, and sold out in 2 days, he said… The homepage explained about the very soft, deep taste, even “threedimensional”, having a deep teadrunk effect thanks to improved bloodcirculation.
From my notes last summer: “Well, lets get TEADRUNK then. Friday, late afternoon, still warm & sunny after a tropical, never-seen-so warm summer.


Photographing the long, strip-style leaves, the sun shines through one of the thin leaves and shimmers, glows, lime-green-golden. All around, the white-haired dry leaves, something very ALIVE. Dormant. Waiting to release taste…


HIGHTENING SENSITIVITY, that´s what it´s all about. AWARENESS. EXCLUDING everything else, FOCUS. I feel concentrated, even if I did not even tasted the tea. Just this brewing. (Just as a painter showed on TV the other day, when he guided a woman through some hours pof painting at the beach. It was not the result, but the process of her focusing, taking nature in, having to observe, with bated breath, without talking, without thinking. Just observing, taking it in. IT IS CLEANSING FOR THE SOUL.


1. I´m washing the leaves for 3-4 seconds. Then steeping for maybe 5 seconds. LOOK at the  liquor! SMELL the aroma coming up! TASTE the liquor: breath in – sink – breath out through the nose… Light yellow “nectar of life”. The beauty of this liquor… Smell the aroma of the wet leaves, too.


2. Brewing about 10 seconds for the second brew. Leaves now unfold, still long, but now GREEN, looking & smelling like green tea while swirling around in the gaiwan… The liqour is transparent as dew from heaven. 5% yellow, just “kissed by the tea leaves”, just water which has received a gift from the leaves. Or “A gift from the mountains”, as Hojo´s slogan is. A gift from the gods? God? Even if the color is so fresh, the texture is soft, very creamy in the mouth. And still lots of wonders to come…

3. A touch more creamy, a touch more yellow, 10% maybe. And the leaves, big & perfect in the gaiwan, none broken, whole 2-3 cm single leaves, perfectly intact. Like a white teas leaves, that get green in the cup, after being white and downy when dry. But this is something for itself. Resembling also Baozhong, with this 5% oxidation and small brown areas on the leaves, the rest green. But where Baozhong HAS a slight flowery oolong note, this one has a slight earthy pu erh note, besides all the green. Delicious.

4. I could refer to more notes from the 4th, 5th and 6th brewing/steeping, but its getting boringfor you. Please, drink some tea yourself… enjoy… ; )


Best regards, Ulla

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Chinese New Year approaching… My drawing of the “Year of the Sheep 2015” is here. Inspired by a scull from a 3 year old male sheep, the face shown half alive and half dead – reminding of the never ending circle of life and death, and how fragile our lives are. Lets celebrate it, and drink some tea…


from Ulla

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More photoes. Unfortunately, I did´nt take notes either at this teatime, drinking last years autumn arrival of oolongs from my favorite tea blogger Stephane Erler from Taiwan. I must have enjoyed the tea too much to do that…


So I can just say I was thrilled…


… watching the deep green color of these lightly oxidised high mountain oolongs…


…needing close ups…

… in the end filling up the whole gaiwan.


Please have a look at his beautiful blog: teamasters.blogspot.com

Enjoy your own favorite teas…



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