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This weekend there was a chance to experience 4 different tea-ceremonies on the island of Rømø!


As last year, Chieko Petersen, together with the Rømø Kunst og Kulturforening, had arranged a cultural day, including a so-called Book-bus from the german Library in Aabenraa, an exhibition of danish design, and – the japanese tea-ceremony. Quite international? : )

Following picture: Annelise (left) showing “Tsuki Chabako temae” (ceremony with everything packed in a box, ready to take out into nature), with haiken  (Haiken is the presentation of the most important utensils), guest Chieko (right):


Following picture: Chieko showing “Tana temae with haiken (ceremony with a black laquer stand)”. The wood, enclosing the corner where the tea is made, was found the evening before on Rømø, a crooked piece of hawthorn…


The four important values in the tea-ceremony:


Thank you guests, for watching and listenting : )

Best, Ulla

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