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Right now the rhododendrons are in full bloom at Nivaagaard Malerisamling in Nivaa, Northern Sealand. The flower picture I took a few weeks ago, though, was that of a magnolia… matching the bone china tea cups and gaiwan later…

thebloggen_IMG_12655_nivaagaardBringing my tea set, I was planning to find me a good place on a bench – but planning doesn´t always work out, and shouldn´t – the bench was in the shadow…

thebloggen_IMG_12657So, directly sitting on the grass and moss – even finer a place…


Bone china gaiwan (lidded tea bowl), matching cup, and pitcher  – the tea is Feng Wan, a highly oxidized oolong from eastern china.

As above, so below.. reflections of the pine trees above.

thebloggen_IMG_12672Enjoy Nivaagaard park, enjoy summer… and please – drink some tea. Best, Ulla

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