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The 6th tea in Simply Teas tasting set: Snow Mountain Sheng Pu erh, 2010.

Region: Lin Cang area, Yong De County, southern Yunnan, China
Price: 298 kr – 100 gr
Purchased from: Simply Tea, Aarhus, DK, http://www.simplytea.dk
Steeping: 2 gr. pr. 100 ml, 98 degrees C, 1 minut, min. 7 infusions

thebloggen_IMG_7866_puerh_tasting6_snowmountainLooking foreward to this tea…

thebloggen_IMG_7867My setting: russian orange-white porcelain teabowl, purple clay yixing pot with rat design on the lid, white porcelain plate  underneath, brown danish pitcher, japanese bronce kensui (wastewaterbowl), thermobottle.

thebloggen_IMG_7869Light playing in the dry leaves…

thebloggen_IMG_78711. brew. 10 sec. rinse, 30 sec. brewing. MILD – but it promises good.



2. brew. Aroma light pleasant pu erh, liquor darker already, but still light warm golden. Taste.

3. brew 75 sec. Expected more strongness even of a sheng puerh. Checking wet leaves: about 45 percent are just STEMS?! Cheating, or…? But the setting nice and quit, the sun setting close to spring equinox (in a week), at 6 o´clock p.m. shining through the kitchen window. People returning from work, I watch them approach the building, some with dogs.

Haiku from a bicycle trip to Nivå today – am writing them on seashore wood. And discover, there is a seagull “hidden” in the shape of the piece of wood. I paint and trace the lines to make them appear.


A small boats
only passengers –
two seagulls

And suddenly I delight in the colours: My purple notebook with a silken chinese pattern – purple lilies from some teafriends who came over the other day – and the orange teabowl…

And I draw them into the notebook…

thebloggen_IMG_7877Best, Ulla

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