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The 6th tea in Simply Teas tasting set: Snow Mountain Sheng Pu erh, 2010.

Region: Lin Cang area, Yong De County, southern Yunnan, China
Price: 298 kr – 100 gr
Purchased from: Simply Tea, Aarhus, DK, http://www.simplytea.dk
Steeping: 2 gr. pr. 100 ml, 98 degrees C, 1 minut, min. 7 infusions

thebloggen_IMG_7866_puerh_tasting6_snowmountainLooking foreward to this tea…

thebloggen_IMG_7867My setting: russian orange-white porcelain teabowl, purple clay yixing pot with rat design on the lid, white porcelain plate  underneath, brown danish pitcher, japanese bronce kensui (wastewaterbowl), thermobottle.

thebloggen_IMG_7869Light playing in the dry leaves…

thebloggen_IMG_78711. brew. 10 sec. rinse, 30 sec. brewing. MILD – but it promises good.



2. brew. Aroma light pleasant pu erh, liquor darker already, but still light warm golden. Taste.

3. brew 75 sec. Expected more strongness even of a sheng puerh. Checking wet leaves: about 45 percent are just STEMS?! Cheating, or…? But the setting nice and quit, the sun setting close to spring equinox (in a week), at 6 o´clock p.m. shining through the kitchen window. People returning from work, I watch them approach the building, some with dogs.

Haiku from a bicycle trip to Nivå today – am writing them on seashore wood. And discover, there is a seagull “hidden” in the shape of the piece of wood. I paint and trace the lines to make them appear.


A small boats
only passengers –
two seagulls

And suddenly I delight in the colours: My purple notebook with a silken chinese pattern – purple lilies from some teafriends who came over the other day – and the orange teabowl…

And I draw them into the notebook…

thebloggen_IMG_7877Best, Ulla

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This was part of a tasting set of six pu erh teas from Simply Tea, Aarhus. Tea no. 5, the next best out of six.

Region: Yunnan, China Price: 350 dkr – 100 gr
Purchased from: Simply Tea, Aarhus, DK, http://www.simplytea.dk
Steeping: 2 gr. pr. 100 ml, 98 degrees C, 1 minut, min. 4 infusions

thebloggen_IMG_7844_puerh_tasting5_YouLeMountainI like the colors in this picture…

thebloggen_IMG_7846… and in the wet leaves! Shades of green, brown, and black.

thebloggen_IMG_7845Golden elixir? Here my notes from a februar day last year:

1. brew. 10 sec. rinse. 30 sec. brewing. Water not warm enough? Rosa-dark salmon-colored liquor, TOO dark for a sheng puerh, a bit shallow taste. What did I do wrong?

 2. brew. Better orange color. A bit by a more pleasant puerh taste.
3. brew. I start to enjoy… Afternoon sunlight hitting the orange outside of the (russian!) porcelain cup… First spring day, have seen “vintergækker” og “eranthis” flowers, small, still close to the ground. Though chilly, windy, 4° C. Color of liquor even lighter now. All the No. 1.-4. from the Shu Puerh tasting set were TOO strong and moldy for me, never buy that stuff in the future (sorry, brother, it was a birthday gift for me)… So now No. 5 & 6 are SHENG = GREEN puerh, and expectations were high after all the website´s desription. But – y 100 kr. bing from Kinesisk Butik, Copenhagen, were better, and the 3,50 kr. mini tuocha from Carstensen, Aabenraa, are better, too. AM I doing something wrong –
4. brew. NOW we´re talking. Puerh CHARM, a strong mouthful of golden-red earthy but NICE clean. Only 10% sofa left… Reading the polish poet Szymborska: “Die Zeit rollte sich zusammen / in den Ringen der Bäume”…
5. brew. Smell of the wet leaves is now as a whole livingroom, maybe with pipe smoke, maybe my grandfather´s… and he present.6. brew. 60 sec. as the last one. Aftertaste fading, still good strong puerh flavour.

7. brew. 65 sec. Light orange color. Astringeancy I can feel on my teeth – after drinking 1,5 liters of tea…

BLUE HOUR, 6 o´clock p.m., reading about korean buddhism…

Best, Ulla

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Apart from a lot of chanoyu-practising, this winter is dedicated to PU ERH TEA. There is a lot to learn, a lot to discover, a lot to taste and smell and experience… Before I begin to show you some of the recent pictures from some new raw pu erh teas, here some old pictures from last year – from a pu erh “cake” from 2003, ten years old now.

thebloggen_IMG_5399The cover… can anyone read any of this? I would love to know  more.

thebloggen_IMG_5400The inside, birdnest shape with a very deep hole…

thebloggen_IMG_5402The portion chosen for my brew…

thebloggen_IMG_5404Lovely color, isn´t it…?

Best, Ulla

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