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Luckily, not every okashi/wagashi needs to be made of homemade (4 hours in the kitchen…) beanpaste. The only ingredients in these small ones are: Cooked chestnuts and sugar. After giving the chestnuts a cut each and cooking them for 30 min., take the soft part out with a spoon, and blend with 1/5 of its weigh in sugar. Ready.

thebloggen_IMG_11953_kuchigiri13On display for the photographer in the stonegarden just infront of a big window…

thebloggen_IMG_11957The marks in the paste show that they have been twisted in a “chakin” cloth, hence the name… “shibori” means twisted…

thebloggen_IMG_11962… and even the cloth itself has left its pattern on the surface. – Red laquer plate. Teabowl by Gregory Miller.thebloggen_IMG_11965

Enjoy and join us for tea…

Best, Ulla

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