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thebloggen_IMG_10872_okashi_asagao_aug2013 These purple flowers, morningglories, “asagao” in japanese, or “purpur-pragtsnerler” in danish) have been growing on my balcony, since I read a story connected with them, and then searched for the seeds on the internet.

thebloggen_IMG_10874The story goes: The tea-master Sen no Rikyu had quite a lot morningglories in his garden, and their fame reached the shogun Hideyoshi. He was invited to a teaceremony, but the day he entered the tea-garden, there were no flowers at all in sight. First he was sisseapointed – but in the tearoom, in a vase, there was a SINGLE morningglory. He was satisfied…

thebloggen_IMG_10878 These japanese sweets are made of sweet beanpaste, matcha and agar agar…


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