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Again this year we some performances of the Japanese Tea ceremony at the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, april 2013. “Sakura” means the celebration of the blossoming of the japanese cherry trees, each year followed with interest and coming togethers and picnics.

thebloggen_IMG_10136_sakura2013We had four different tea ceremonies that day – with a “tana” stand, with a “daisu” stand, and with a wooden box like this, “chabako”: “chabako usucha temae” (summer), and “chabako tsuki temae” (autumn – seen in the picture).

thebloggen_IMG_10154The cherry trees weren´t blooming actually, just the buds wating with a vague pink color – but in the streets of Copenhagen we were lucky to see some fully in bloom!

thebloggen_IMG_10209Another day I made these “okashi”, confectionay for the tea ceremony. I don´t know their official name, but I called them “Tetsugaku-no-michi”, the path of philosophy in Kyoto, full of blooming cherry trees at this time of the year.

Even when missing Japan, we are lucky to be able to cerebrate sakura anyway!


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