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A New Years treat made of rice flour, sugar and a piece of marinated gobo root (here substituted with selleri and carrot). HAPPY NEW YEAR once more : )

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Tea: 10 g Simply Tea Shu Puerh 2010
10 g Dadel Aroma Shu Puerh 2007
10 g Palace Shu Puerh 2008
10 g Wild Shu Puerh 2005
10 g You Le Mountain Sheng Puerh 2007
10 g Snow Mountain Sheng Puerh 2010
Region: Yunnan, China
Price: 199.00 DKR

The homepage says: “Puerh is said to have healing abilities, a low caffeine content and a teanquilizing, mild aftertaste. The secret behind it is the maturing process, young pu erh is fresh and sharp, but in the aging process it gets  more mild, soft and complex as a good wine.  Part of this set are a 100 ml Gaiwan and 100 g teacaddy and our best 6 Puerh teas. The leaves can be used many times.”

The pictures are from the “Palace Shu Pu erh 2008”: with a cloth bought for christmas – hand embroidered and red. And a white lily as dekoration, a rest from a birthday bouquet. Thought it might match the lovely round bow from Simply Tea…

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The beauty of pu erh tea… MINI version…

Tea: Pu erh, tuo cha
Region: Yunnan Province, China
Price: 1 piece 3,50 DKR, no. 912, Carstensens Tehandel, Aabenraa, Denmark

The homepage says (my translation): “A kind of pressed tea, made of small green leaves. The pressed leaves are formed into a little bowl, with a little hole in the middle. The tea can be brewed many times, has a delicious mature taste with a little smokey undertones. Originates from the Yunnan province og is being used as a cleansing tea. One piece for  ½ l. 80 degree warm water, brewing time 4 min.”

I preferred the asian way of brewing: 98 degree warm water, and shorter time (30 sec-1 min), 4-5 infusions, taste changing every time. Mild, green, pleasant… Quite nice!

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A japanese confectionary made last autumn – made of adzuki beans, sugar and kuzu, a kind of starch.
Processed in three steps: Cooked, damped and grilled.

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Shiba no yuki (Snow of grass) – just with the white top substituted by yellow…
so it matched the season of autumn I made it in.

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