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On to the next oolong tea from Taiwan, from http://teamasters.blogspot.com.

The 1. of the three bags I ordered, starting with the cheapest

Tea: Baozhong “Subtropical forrest”
Region: Wenshan, Taiwan
Harvest: Spring 2011 (April 22)
Type: single-leaf
Price: 157,50 dkr  – 100 g (22 USD

Steeping: 3-4 g, 200 ml, from 30-60 sec., 5 x

I tried to make a little more out of the ceremony, adding flowers to the scenary… and a cermamic jar with matching pink flowers on it. Clay teapot, 200 ml, with white porcelain plate underneath. Green cloth underneath. Wastewaterpot danish, handmade by Jørgen Lund. Sunlight on the kitchen table.

Words from his homepage: “Heavy flower scents and subtropical forrest fragrences.” “Displaying a good clarity and nice light yellow clour.” “Dark fresh green leaves”. Teamaster is drinking this tea directly in the Wenshan mountains, where the tea was grown… with fresh water from a mountain stream… And we are so far away from these mountains…

1. brewing 30 sec., making a very light color and taste, light yellow in the cup (a shallow transparent chinese teacup with house and mountain decoration on its sides). Reminding me of a good semi-ball rolled tea without the interesting aftertaste from the gaoshan the other day, though.
2. brewing still TGY associations. But of the good kind – clear, soft, lots of florals.
3. same
4. brewing until now the best, because a littel more powerful. Clouds building up in the sky, but still a strong sun warming through the kitchen door…
5. brewing – from then on too plain, no aftertaste any more.

Small wet leaves, compared to the gao shan!
Good experience!

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