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Another tea from from Simply Tea, http://www.simplytea.dk.

Region: Anxi Mountains, Fujian Province, China
Style: Semi-ball rolled
Price: 258 kr – 100 gr (sold for 134,- kr 50 gr)

Steeping: 2 g, 200 ml, 98 C, 3-5 min, 5 or more times (Steeping in a small amount, I would recommend many short steepings ( fx 1. 30 sec  2. 20 sec  3. 30 sec 4. 30 sec  5. 60 sec …)

The homepage tells: “Most commercial Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess) are grown about 400 m, but this high altitude oolong is grown far away from the city and its people, approx. 800 meters high, in mist-covered mountains. The result is a tea rich in amino acids with a complex aroma and slight hints of citrus. Tea master is very careful to keep the leaves whole to create a smooth flavor that is never bitter. This is a special tea made entirely of leaves of Tie Guan Yin bush.”

This is one of the light oxidised, “green” oolongs, must be about 25-30% of oxidation. Small dark green balls of rolled leaves unfold into huge green wet leaves steeping after steeping,… much more than in the picture, which is from the 1. or 2. steeping.  Some of them with oxidized, brown edges.The aroma is light, the liquor light transparent yellow, and the flavour light, floral. It goes on and on, still light and floral after many infusions.

A good one, delicious!

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