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This discription was quite good for me to have a bit of an idea how to procede. I found it in the book “A Passage to Chinese Tea”, Purple Cane Enterprise, 1999. I hope there are no problems showing it here, else, please tell me.

1. Getting ready – place utencils in proper order on a tea tray or similar. Hot water in a kettle and tea close by. Relax.
2. Getting tea leaves – use a scoop to transfer tea leaves to a tea receptacle. Appreciate tea leaves.
Amount of tea:
1/4 full w fine straight green tea / 1/3 full w compr. aged pu erh
1/2 full w compact oolong / nearly 1/1 full w loose crooked oolong 

3. Warming the teapot – pour water with left hand, close lid.
4. Warming the pitcher – pour water from teapot into pitcher with right hand.
5. Warming the tea cups – pour water from pitcher into all the cups, from left to right, right to left, and left to right.
6. Putting tea leaves into the teapot – open lid, use a tea scraper.
7. Shaking the teapot – lift with right hand and pat lightly against the left palm.
8. Warming up/rinsing – pour hot water in the teapot, remove quickly by pouring it into pitcher.
9. The 1. brewing – pour water into teapot, replace lid.
Water temperature:
Green tea (60-)80C / semi-ferm. oolong (82-)95C / Compr. tea 100C
10. Pouring over teapot – pour rinsing water from pitcher over teapot and let soak for a while.
Brewing time: 
Generally for oolongs, 30 sec for the 1. brewing, 20 sec for the 2. brewing, 30 sec for the 3. brewing
11. Drying of teapot – lift up teapot, wipe the bottom on a tea towl to make it dry
12. Pouring out the tea – pour all the tea into the pitcher.
13. Emptying the warm water from the cups – using a pincer, tip each cup over the tray, emptying it – start left.
14. Pouring the tea into the cups – equally from left to right.
15. Serving the tea – place each cup on a saucer and serve.
16. Savouring the tea –  sniff the aroma, look at the color, taste the tea!
17. The 2. brewing – repeat earlier steps, serve.
18. The 3. brewing – repeat earlier steps, serve.
19. Discarding of the sediments – use a scraper to remove the tealeaves.
20. Cleaning the teapot – pour hot water into and over the teapot, empty.
21. Tidying up – return saucers, pour hot water in pitcher, then in cups, empty, turn cups around.

This might just give a short idea, since the pictures are missing…

Best tea-regards,

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