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Here the “Sencha Kachouzan” from the teashop A.C.Perch, the oldest teashop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Is is referred to in the shop to “Top sencha”… It is a top tea, the best sencha in the shop, but – please start giving information about the year and season of the harvest of every tea, and the plantation or town where it comes from… tea type… oxidation level… aso. the only information I have been able to find about K., is the mentioning of “the Kachouzan of Higashiyama, Kyoto”.

Sencha is a japanese green tea, with no oxidation. Oxidation is hindered by, after withering, “fixing” the tea leaves by steaming them (in china they are oven-fired). For japanese teas, this gives this wonderful dark green colour and powerful grassy flavour. The last pictures are from the 2. or 3. brewing – the first was much greener.

Brewing – green teas from Japan: 1-2 teaspoons, 180 ml, 70 C (top quality: 60 C), 2-3 x

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