October. In Karen Blixens park, garden, and bird santuary, which surrounds the museum, the colours turn golden, and some leaves are fallen already. The light plays in the yellow and oranges on the ground. Hidden inbetween them, small mushrooms pop up, fragile and soft. Squirrels collect food, and suddenly, hasting through the ponds white bridge and its reflection, there is a blue jewel, just for a second, then – gone. A kingfisher, now hidden somewhere in the big willow tree. Someone has woven a heart out of chestnuts, and put in onto Karens gravestone. Her spirit is here, somehow, in it all. – Tea: Da Xue Shan Sheng Pu Erh, 375 g cake, 2012.

Tea house tea

Wanted to share this visit at a privatly built tea house in a japanese garden last week. We had a tea ceremony inside, drinking matcha, and had chestnut sweets, I made from chestnuts, I collected myself. Happy sunday to you : )

Sencha Midori 2020

“Sencha Midori”, Fukuoka Yame Tea, purchased in Sing Tehus, Copenhagen. Cinnamon incense cone from Natures Garden, Auroshikha. Frankincense and merian essential oils from Urtegaarden, plus australian blue cypress from Australia. Haiku by Ole Lillelund.

Chilly beautiful morning. I set up my teaware on the low drawing table of mine, sitting on a meditation cushion. Looking for an incenseburner I inherited from my mother, in the same box I found a teacup, I gave her at some point. Danish potter Ulla Sandøe Hildebrandt. So I’m using both for this newopened ‘China TGY High Roast Oolong Spring 2018’ from Tea For You, Elton Powell. Coffee notes from the dry leaves, honey from the liquor, the coffee, roast, good softness and strength at the same time. Going light with 20 sec, 25, 35. Fourth brew I forgot because I was writing this… ; ) Maybe 70 sec. More orange of course. Good, very good. ☺🍁

High Mountain Qingxin Oolong, Shan Lin Xi (1400m), from Tea Masters, Taiwan. After the fifth cup or so of this light and elegant tea, the calming compounds in the tea can really be felt. The leaves have unfolded and fill the gaiwan, and the yellow liquid sends mesmerizing steam into the air. Pure meditation to watch, to smell, to drink… Harvested at the beginning of this summer, may 3rd, at the other side of the globe, it now partakes in the celebration of the ending summer, coming autumn. (Photo: Spiderweb caught on the antenna of our car.) – What tea did you choose for today? ☺🍂

New tea arrival from Tea masters in Taiwan, and from Tea For You in England. First of the Tea Masters teas today, saturday morning. It is light and elegant, as expexted, soft and jasmin flowery without any astringency. A bit like a highmountain Taiwan green oolong, but with the roundness, sweetness and thickness of white tea. Plus the scentedness without being scented. I was watching his video while drinking, 5 hours after it went live 4am european time. Lots of interesting information, and a great tea.

While the weatherforecast had a foggy morning in mind, the sun was out towards the sea. Glittering, gleaming, the sky and the sea were one sparkling whole. While I sat and prepared a Nepal white and a Formosa Jade Oolong, suddenly a wall of grey started covering the sun…

The fog rolling in –
down at its place at the sea
the heron shifts its place

Few minutes after the fog arrived, all went quiet, and the air around the rhododendron on the balcony got a special hue, wet, but clear, like everything had a very new presence. From the big lindentrees just outside, leaves started falling yellow in front of the green, as us they just had received an order, a ‘go!’ to let go.

I sip the first tea made, the white, soft and sweet Nepal.

The sea all foggy
byt there: a spotlight of white –
angel visiting?

First autumn sea fog –
the shriek of the heron makes
the yellow leaves fall

After the fog
the sun a gift from heaven –
a sip of soft white tea

Is your morning magical too?

Good morning : ) One year now since publishing my haiku collection with 1100 haiku & tanka. Drinking ‘Nepal White’ from the oldest teashop in Copenhagen, A.C. Perchs. Got a undescribable sweet dew roundness, grapes, and licorice. I didn’t follow their recommandation for 10 minutes brewing time, though 😅🙈 More like 20sec, plus 5 sec in the following brews. – What are you drinking?

Good saturday morning to you. Evenings are getting shorter, the air is crisp and chilly, after this great, but strange summer. Here I am drinking the last sample of “Amber Gaba Oolong” from Mei Leaf, pictures are from 1. and 4. brew. Attached are also pictures of two more books: Global Teahut Aaron Fischers great book “The Way of Tea”, and a book about “Zen, mindfulness and japanese incense”. Mine is frankincense today. Have a good, safe and tea-relaxed weekend. ☺ (5. sept. 2020)