A perfect day, sunshine and the cherry blossoms at their best! Japanese tea-ceremony by the Byakudan group, Urasenke style.



Tak til Bodil Høyer for to af billederne : )

Kh Ulla


Tea in London III

Still snowing outside, the last out of three serious teaplaces I visited, was ‘The Chinese Tea Company’ on Portobello Road. Entering this beautiful place, it was as entering a whole other world. And also as coming home. The only other customer and me where asked if we wanted to drink some tea, and soon after that we were in tea heaven: The female owner, Juyan, chose a dark and warming ‘Phoenix Oolong’, and filled the tiny yixing teapot with leaves to the brim. “Just right size for three people”, she said. And soon we were smelling, tasting from small white cups, and asking questions about gong fu cha, amount of leaves, brewing times, and talking and listening to tea stories and traditions from China.


I bought a lighter version of a Phoenix Oolong, with the very poetic name ‘Duck Poo’ ; ) and also found an oxen teapet, you will see on future tea brewing pictures… Having an oxen as my chinese zodiac animal, I had been looking for one for some time! Thank you, Juyan, for a wonderful tea experience!!

‘The Chinese Tea Company’, ‘Purveyors of Premium Loose-Leaf Tea and Teaware’, 14 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London W1S 5TZ, http://www.the-chinese-tea-company.com

Tea in London II

Visiting London to find the best chinese tea experience, Mei Leaf was the second I visited and definitivt also one of the best! Beautiful shop and cafe, Celine & Don so dedicated, enthusiastic & smiling, highest quality teas and tea utensils, excellent gong fu brewing experience!!



After Celine had showed me around, I had to choose a tea to drink. Difficult! Considering the Gaba Oolongs which had a huge amount of calming Gaba, and one of their raw puerhs, since their energies would clash if I had both, it ended being the last, “Monocle Boss”, or “Pasha 500 Year Old Gushu Raw 2016”. Gushu meaning from old trees. Celine was SO good explaining the taste and smell, feeling and energy to be expected!


Beautiful bamboo and copper tea table! The gong fu cha serving was complemented by a paper with tasting notes, which I tried to keep my eyes of in the beginning but ended up reading anyway.


I couldn’t not offer some tea to another guest sitting near me, being used to brew teas in the teashop and liking to share it – and we ended up having a nice tea-talk! Tea unites people, doesn’t it? : )

Mei Leaf Teahouse, 99 Camden High St, London NW1 7JN, UK. Reservations and orders: meileaf.com. Phone: +44 20 7388 6704. Check also facebook and youtube for Don’s video brewing guides and information!

Tea in London I

Fortsæt med at læse »

Chinese New Year 2018

Happy New Year out there – all the best, health, happiness and spiritual growth to you all. My drawing this “Year of the dig”, the 11. animal in the chinese zodiac. The dog here represents fx loyality. And my motiv is a blend of chinese, japanese and danish tradition – chosen from H.C. Andersens fairytale “The Tinderbox”, or “Fyrtøjet”. The story goes like this: a solder is asked by a witch to crawl through a whole in an old tree, down in the ‘underworld’ or mystic world of ‘un’consciousness. He there meets three dogs who safeguard three treasureboxes with money – cobber, silver and gold. Their eyes as big as teacups (!), millstones and even the Round Tower of Copenhagen. Courageously he lifts them down and gains the money. One thing he needs to bring the witch – a mystic tinderbox. Asking what us is for and not getting an answer, he cuts the witch’s head off – and then goes enjoying his money. But after that is gone, he has only the tinderbox left, uses it – and the dogs come to FULFILL his wishes. This includes the princess and ruling the country. Happy dramatic ending. Spiritual enlightenment told in beautiful pictures, and much more than just a funny story…

20180121_09473420180120_22293920180120_222957the last picture is from the library of Copenhagen, where a chinese girl was dancing so grace ful backstage, while the danish people were singing from the  “højskolesangbog”… culture meeting again.

Have a beautiful year!! Love, Ulla


Zen monk and mosquito

One dear friend brought me these from Japan – to get the story behind this mon and the mosquito, I asked another friend about it. The answer is, that it is a zen master in old times in China, who scares away the flies with this, not killing them. So it originally is a fly whisk, but at some time became a symbol for a person being a master. Its name is a ‘hokku’ – unusual and beautiful, isn’t it?


Autumn tea. So simple.

Its stormy outside and I need an excuse to stay inside… Darjeeling oolong. 20171028_14270520171028_14271620171028_14282320171028_14283320171028_14323920171028_143300