Tea at the sea… but where did spring go – I can’t make tea with gloves on??


Spring 2017

Drinking matcha on the spring morning shortly after sprint equinox. The matcha is from Ippodo and a gift from tea friend Birgitte, the sweets are homemade from white bean paste, sugar, natural colouring and matcha. The tea bowl is a copy of a famous bowl and made by Jørgen Lund.



Happy New year over there in the East : ) Here is my usual drawing of the chinese zodiac. Black watercolour pencil an watercolour paper.

20170105_23032920170105_233759Happy New year over there in the East. I made my usual drawing of the chinese zodiac already at ‘our’ new year. Here it is!

Teapotfrom Bornholm

What a long break at this blog. Shifting from working in a teashop to working in a health store gives a shift in focus : ) But I promised to send pictures of this little tea pot – who the nice and generous potter from Bornholm, Tommy Lindegren, gave me. I’m sitting and drinking tea from it right now… Another thing is that Tommy made this ceramic bowl in the first picture. It has the eight trigrams from the I Ching surrounding the opening, symbolizing the eight directions and elements like heven and earth, fire and water, thunder, mountains and lakes. So in a way it has the whole univers presented in there… A joy to look at every day. Thank you so much!!


New matcha bowl

On my summer vaccation I spent some days the danish island of Bornholm, a very rough, rocky and beautiful place. In Nexø I visited a friend who is potter – and has been making tea related pottery for quite a while. This blue matcha bowl ‘jumpet up’ into my hands,  and I couldn’t resist…


Tommy Lindegrens pottery: http://www.rakustudie.dk

Pictures from the festival! It was a week later than last year, so we wondered if the cherry tree flowers would still be in bloom – they were : ) Tea ceremony on saturday was performed by the group Hanami-an, arranged by Chieko Petersen. We did 6 ceremonies, here pictures from three of them:

Koicha (thick tea): Reiko Tange.

Shikishi temae (tea ceremony from a basket): Annelise Larsen.

Unohana date (tea ceremony from a wooden box): Ulla Conrad (Photo: Kaoru Carstens).

And one of the ceremonies was accompanied by wonderful shakuhachi flute music… Thank you for it all.



Sakura season 2016

We are drinking matcha these days… cherry trees are in Bloom in Copenhagen! This one is from Klampenborg Station. The tea bowl is from danish Jørgen Lund, inspired by an anscient tea bowl with a walking man on the front. The green tea and coconut (!) mochi is from the asian shop at Østerbrogade.


Remember Copenhagen Sakura Festival saturday april 30th & sunday may 1st – at the Copenhagen harbour, on the lawn just sout of the little mermaid. We are performing tea-ceremony there saturday 12.30 – 15.00!

All my best, Ulla