Zen monk and mosquito

One dear friend brought me these from Japan – to get the story behind this mon and the mosquito, I asked another friend about it. The answer is, that it is a zen master in old times in China, who scares away the flies with this, not killing them. So it originally is a fly whisk, but at some time became a symbol for a person being a master. Its name is a ‘hokku’ – unusual and beautiful, isn’t it?



Autumn tea. So simple.

Its stormy outside and I need an excuse to stay inside… Darjeeling oolong. 20171028_14270520171028_14271620171028_14282320171028_14283320171028_14323920171028_143300

Autumn sweets 2017

Beautiful october, beautiful red-yellow coloured leaves! In japanese tea, we bring nature into the tearoom, with a zen saying in the tokonoma, seasonal flowers, materials – and last but not least: sweets. They consist of the usual paste of white beans, rice flour and sugar – but it’s the shape, the colour, the poetry in them, that’s makes all the difference… wonderful tea evening with friends. Thank you – you know who you are : )


And more sweets…this time for a private Sakura celebration and outdoor tea-ceremony (nodate). The design was inspired by some sweets seen on YouTube, but since I didn’t get the name, we decided it must have been something to do with a ROSE… : )


I wanted a few more pictures of okashi, japanese sweets. These were the ones I made for the Cph Sakura Festival 2017… “Hitohiea”, One Leaf…


10th anniversary of the Copenhagen Sakura Festival! The day seemed to down in the rain, which had been pouring down all night – but magic Ally it clearet up and the sun was out when the festival started! As usual, there was TEA. The group called Byakun, led by Chieko Petersen, performed five japanese tea-ceremonies. Carlo introduced everybody, and made tea in the form of Chabako – all tea utensils hidden in a wooden box. Chieko is on one of the pictures, too. Beautiful sweets by Noboko, and much less beautiful by me : )

My best tea-greetings, Ulla Conrad


Tea at the sea… but where did spring go – I can’t make tea with gloves on??