Didn’t post these in time, did I? But here it is, the last of my 12 chinese zodiac pictures – the boar.



Tea on the walk

A walk from the organic farmshop Aarstiderne in Humlebaeck and the 9 km home from there. Pictures from Humlebaeck churchyard and Strandvejen. I think it was a Darjilong Oolong, I had in my glass bottle – and even if it was that simple a setting, I thought the sunlight and colour of the tea was very nice : )

Best tea-and spring regards, Ulla


Good Shou puerh

Shou puerh IS a very special group of teas, and usually I prefere the ‘not cooked’ or Sheng Pu erh varieties. BUT there is an exception! This tea, sent to Denmark by taiwanese Global Tea Hut, and given to me by a good tea friend: a 1980es shou pu erh… little buddha and the oxen tea-pet were happy… and me too : ) 20190303_12202020190303_12211620190303_12202020190303_12230620190303_12245020190303_12290120190303_122925

It’s a sunny spring morning here! I went by my favorite teashop in Copenhagen yesterday, Sing Tehus, to stock up on sencha. I found this, though: the new delivery of Haru Honaka, a blend of tencha (leaves used to make matcha) and a gyokuro like grade of tea. Instead of using my everyday-cup, a little bit more here to celebrate the firsttime drinking … 20190216_11043720190216_11051320190216_11052220190216_11081620190216_11110920190216_11113720190216_11130320190216_111336

Year of the boar 2019

I had this drawing ready since the middle of january, where I brought it as a gift for a hatsugama celebration, new year celebration in the tearoom – and then I forgot to post it on the official New Years day february 5th! Here it is…


I brought my small oolong teapot with me on a walk to Rungstedlund, Karen Blixens house and museum – but decided to settle in the harbour for my tea, since I could see the sun going down already – the harbour catching the last rays of sun, but the house and farden being in the shadow already. Temperatures: 4 degrees. Tea: Feng Wang Oolong. 20190105_15103220190105_15124020190105_15095820190105_151349

A perfect day, sunshine and the cherry blossoms at their best! Japanese tea-ceremony by the Byakudan group, Urasenke style.



Tak til Bodil Høyer for to af billederne : )

Kh Ulla