Cat house tea 1

“Vietnam Rainforest Oolong Tam Duong”, in the house where I have been cat-sitting this week. A birdsilhuette on the conservatorys window flew into the cup… the garden wet from the rain.

Another tea from ‘Tea for you’! A ball shaped pu erh, in a one portion size of probably 5 gram, in a nice calligraphy paper wrapping. I am afraid i forgot about the first brew already, because I had started reading the old Basho, “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”. So it unfolded quickly and evolved into a strong good raw pu erh taste, astringent, complex, fruity. Then preparing for my own way along the northern coast, just Denmark, not Japan…

Best regards, Ulla Conrad

New delivery of raw pu erh, sooo happy. This one a sample of a “EU pu erh”, which i don’t know much about. Reading the newest Robert Macfarlane, “Underworld”.

… and outdoor tea later the same day, after a 7k walk to Hammermoellen, North Sealand. Green tea, ‘Small Jade Bangles’. Krystals dragonjaspus and shungit. Strawhat old, found on the last long walk in the marshes. ; )

Elsinore pottery

Having been asked to write a new walking book, this one will be about the northern coast of Sealand, Denmark. I will try to write about artists, especially poets and potters, I meet on my way. In the town where it starts, Elsinore, known for Kronborg castle and Hamlet, I found these two small ones. I like the glazing very much. It was in a cozy backyard full of plants, and her name is Lise Christiansen. 🌟🍵

‘Small jade bangles’, xiao nuerh huang cha ☺

Another morning with tea, Oriental Beauty, and another tearelated postcard by Lise Meijer, it says “Drinking joy” and “Drink with care and deep gratitude”. 😏🍵

Best, Ulla

Sunny day in a heatwave, so after an hour in the garden I went inside again for some Da Xue Shan Sheng Pu Erh 2012 drinking. Using the new shibo from Ales Dancak, which broke its snout, so I tried it pouring from the backside 💕

best, Ulla

Same reflection in two different teas… a japanese “Shincha limited, may 2021” from Sing Tehus, Copenhagen, and “China Oriental Beauty Oolong (Taiwanese style)” from Sinas, Bremen. Delicious orange colour, coffee notes, and long aftertaste in the last one.

Best, Ulla