Wild Rosy Lapsang

Wild Rosy Lapsang, a sample that came with my new shibo from teewald.de. Not smoky at all, but light and flowery and soft. Then a walk to a nearby forrest, meeting this amazing old beech tree…

Find beauty
be still – and from there
effortlessly create

The tree does talk –
galaxies unravel for
my inner eye

Have a great sunday,
Ulla 🍁💕

Teatime this lovely golden october morning, with a White Nepal. 🍁🌟 I was sure I only wanted this new Shibo for sheng pu erh only, because I only had a gaiwan for those, not a teapot – but now have been tempted to see how the different teas look in it’s inside! Funny.

The White Nepal leaves smelled amazing, a bit like darjeeling, full, 1st brew was light and ephemeral, 2nd darker, soft and vanilla creamy, 3rd golden yellow, sweet, stronger, but still round…

Nature picture from a lake near by, this afternoon, next to the premises of a park, where I had brought hokkaidosquash soup to eat on a bench, and collected fallen apples… for an apply pie… 🎃🍎

Best regards, Ulla Conrad

New shibo, sencha

New shibo used with my usual morning sencha, must say, that works fine, too. It kept a fine strength and the cloudyness, I like : )

Reading a haiku photo book, ‘Breath of Haiku’, by Bill Mann. Combining haiku and photos is challanging, but he does a good job. Reading a good haiku is a bit like taking a sip of a good tea – tasting, swallowing, then waiting for, or kind of ‘listening to’ the aftertaste, the after-feeling, the image and mood forming inside after reading…

The old oak trees
grown into a tunnel –
fingertips touching

best regards, Ulla

A foggy morning, the sun making it lift little by little. Not a single leave moving. Magic.

Spider webs in the grass
a small green larva –
shouldn’t you hibernate?

My new shiboridashi set by Ales Dancak, bought on teewald.de has arrived yesterday, a wonderful rustic outside, but white glased inside. The same with the cup. 120 ml plus what the tea leaves take up of the space. Bigger and heavier than my gaiwan. Very happy about it. I celebrated by opening a new bing from Elton Powell, Tea for You. It is a ‘China Lincang Da Xue Mountain Raw Pu Erh 2007’. Fruity with just the right amount of sweetness and astringency in one.

I was lacking a teapot for sheng pu erh and plan using it for that. What is your opinion, shibo originally being a japanese invention – do you use it for all kinds of tea, or only japanese? ☺🙏

Best regards, Ulla

Kabusecha, Keiko

I recently found out, that one of the suppliers to the healthstore I work in, had japanese green teas from KEIKO, and ordered the three most expensive ones. They were all sold out, but he said he was impressed by my choice – and yesterday sent me this ‘Kabusecha Shincha Classic’, april 2021, for free instead. On the package, it says: Haft-shaded under special nets (“kabuse” in japanese), which is supposed to come very close to the tea plants’ natural growing conditions. Leaves steamed, cooled, rolled and dried. Shown in a graphic way, firing 2 out of 5, steaming 3 out of 4 (fukamushi), steepings 5 out of 5. Rich in extracts, particularly green and developing a sweeter taste. Inside the package, there is a haiku by Basho: “In my new robe / this morning / someone else”. A morning tea as I like it, and a nice poetic way to start this weekend…

Ulla Conrad

Happy about this little pitcher, I bought on the food and arts-and-craftfestival in Hojer, Denmark. Made by the local potter Jytte Lysgaard, who has been a potter there since I lived there 20 y ago… and I opened a nice green ball-shaped oolong tea from Taiwan, “Alishan Jin Xuan”, bought through Elton Powells company Tea Four You. Really very good, creamy and sweet : )

Ulla Conrad

Last cup of a japanese Kabusecha from Sing Tehus. It matches so well with reading japanese poetry in the morning, this book being excerpts from R.H. Blyths major work on haiku, called “The Genius of haiku”. The postcard is one I had printed after returning from Japan way too long ago, with a drawing of mine showing a teabowl I bought there…

Good saturday morning to you : ) ‘China Bulang Raw Puerh 2013’ from Elton Powell, Tea For You. It has wonderful long loose leaves, so I don’t need a pitcher, drinking alone anyway. It’s fruity, strong, quick to release its deep good qi. – Teacup swedish, plate danish made by a chado friend as a plate for okashi sweets. And with the full moon coming up… The white moon actually looks like a littly rabbit curled up, dosn’t it? Thinking of the japanese legend about the rabbit in the moon, pounding medicinal herbs, producing the elixir of life… autumn feelings. 🌕🐇🍁

Ulla Conrad

Bornholm tea 3

More Bornholm tea… at one of the four round churches, Olsker.


Bornholm tea 2

Last week of august on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Nowhere else in Denmark there are cliffs like these, and the coast path around the island is breathtaking. There is a tradition to form these small stone towers, this bay is full of them. I made my own, and had tea…

Ulla Conrad